Hundreds of entrepreneurs gather in Boca Raton to learn how to make money from medical marijuana

While some are hoping medical marijuana becomes legal to ease pain and suffering, others are looking to make big money.

The vote is still months away, but hundreds gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Boca Raton Friday for the Florida Cannabis Coalition workshop.

Most of the people in attendance said they were businessmen and women.

"I know there is big money to be made! Whoever is first in line is the one who is going to make it right and make the money. We are all here to make money," Amy Vergo with Travel Green Florida said.

Vergo is in the travel industry and wants to be one of the first people to learn about medical marijuana.

Lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, electricians, and even plumbers were all at the workshop. Most paid around one hundred dollars to get in and listen.

"They expect to come in and see hippies, but that is not the case. These are business people," organizer Peter Sessa said.

Attorneys in the audience said they are already getting calls from clients who want help understanding how to get involved in the business.

"Especially as a lawyer, you can't miss this market. As real estate is to real estate investors, this is going to be another big business coming," attorney Jamie Sasson with Ticktin Law Group said.

The event organizers say the Boca event was one of their most crowded events in Florida.

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