Hopes for 'Shoshana's Bridge' has community leaning on county for safer intersection

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A twelve-year-old is dead.

A community in Boca Raton is pointing at an intersection they say is unsafe.

And they want the county to do something about it.

The hundreds of orthodox Jews who cross Palmetto Park and Boca del Mar to get to shul every Saturday have always hated the intersection of Boca del Mar and Palmetto Park Road.

"There are so many ways the cars can turn, there's no way I can go across on one light," said Jacquie Padow, who drives a rabbi-approved scooter to get there.

"Although the traffic is light on Saturday, it's still kind of scary," said Steve Borzak, a member of the Boca Raton Synagogue.

Their fears were realized in April, when Shoshana Stern, 12, was out for a skateboard ride and killed in the intersection by a passing car.

"I can't explain, it's crazy," said Borzak's daughter, Maya.

They've turned shock into hope, calling on the county to build a pedestrian bridge, the first in Palm Beach County, despite lots of giant intersections.

"It would seem that this would be worthy of consideration," said Borzak. "I'm not the one to write the check using taxpayer money. But making the intersection safer, somehow, is important to all of us."

Commissioners have approved $50,000 to study the possibility.

County sources say a pedestrian bridge could cost more than a million dollars.

But with 92 crashes over two years, 45-thousand cars a day and nearby crosses marking other deaths, this community says a safer walk to shul is the least that can be done for the girl they'll always call, Shoshie.

"Nothing would bring her back," said Padow. "She was spectacular, wonderful. But to have that, I already today was thinking, the Shoshana Bridge."

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