'High There': New dating app legally connects people with common interest in weed

Marijuana users and supporters are finding a new way to meet in Florida where the use of pot is still illegal. The app 'High There' is a twist on the 'Tinder' dating app. 

You record a three-second video clip, or upload pictures of yourself, then answer a few questions about your interest in weed and you have a profile on 'High There.' 

"When we initially started, everyone with the skepticism, what are you doing?" said Darren Roberts, a co-founder of the app from Boca Raton. 

Roberts and co-founder Todd Mitchem from Denver says the app was designed to legally connect people who share an interest in marijuana in any state or country. 

"Cannabis exists here, the market exists here and what we're giving is people a chance to talk and interact," added Mitchem. 

Mitchem says even with the recent legalization of marijuana in several states, pot users are still judged. 

I had been dating as a divorced single dad. I was having a really hard time finding someone even in Colorado who would just accept me for being a cannabis consumer," added Mitchem.

'High There' asks you a few questions and presents you with a pool of like-minded people based on your answers. Mitchem says the app does not condone any illegal activity. 

"If someone is saying I'm dealing cannabis [on their profile] we suspend that profile. That's against our policy," added Mitchem.

Legal analyst Michelle Suskauer says even though there's nothing illegal about downloading and using the app, it would not be unusual for law enforcement to use it for stings. 

"Buyer beware in terms of going on the app and making any sort of gestures toward alleged criminal activity because you really don't know who you're speaking to," said Suskauer. 

Roberts says the app has already shown great success. He hopes interest in 'High There' will grow in Florida. 

"When it becomes legally federally, or let's say in Florida or other states, you're going to see activity even increase significantly more because I think people will be less concerned about being on the app," added Roberts. 

Anyone can download the app on Google or Apple. Creators say it already has more than 100-thousand users worldwide. 

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