Friend of FAU robbery victim speaks out about crime

Victim shaken, not injured

BOCA RATON, Fla. - FAU music student Paul-James Webster is trying to get back to his routine on campus Friday. It's a challenge after his friend was robbed at gunpoint just down the hall from where Webster is practicing the bass.

"People were running around frantic saying someone go robbed. It was my friend, he was shaken," says Webster.

Webster adds the music floor inside the Arts & Letter building was packed with students playing instruments so no one heard the crime happen. He says the victim is traumatized, but not injured.

"Very, very shaken, but calm for having a gun held to his head," says Webster.

Despite a campus-wide lockdown, and police checking cars as they left campus, no arrests have been made.

"We're utilizing all the resources we have, all the bodies are on the beat to bring a swift close to this," says Deputy Chief Sean Brammer.

For Webster, it's a sign that more needs to be done to secure the buildings on campus.

"Anyone can walk in here, I've never felt safe. I think there should be a key access for this floor," says Webster.

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