Former Caldwell Theater is now the Wick Theatre in Boca Raton

Newly renovated theater lifts curtain on Friday

BOCA RATON, Fla. - It's been years since the stage at the former Caldwell Theater was alive with the sound of music.

Having gone through a bankruptcy, then completely shutdown in 2011, the Caldwell was a mess when Marilynn Wick took over.

"When I first saw the theater it was sad. It looked like everyone got up and went to lunch, which is what happened," said Wick.

Renovations gave the inside the facelift it needed to re-open. More than 50 acting and production jobs were created.

"It's hard as an actor to find work, so Marilynn has graciously given us work because this is our livelihood," said Joshua Roth, who plays Rolfe in the upcoming show The Sound of Music.

Alongside the theater, a museum is being built that will boast the largest collection of costumes in the country.

It will open in November.

"Unpacking I found I had Yule Brenner's original King and I costume. I wanted to make a contribution to the community so young people could experience all these original costumes," said Wick.

The curtain will go up Friday on The Sound of Music. It will mark the start of a season Marilynn hopes is just the beginning.

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