Floridians hoping to apply for or continue unemployment benefits run into difficulty with new site

Dept. of Employment Opportunity says site works

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Confusing. Frustrating. Aggravating. That sums up Lewis Horn's Tuesday morning trying to re-apply for unemployment benefits. Horn was laid off from American Express in February.

"Time can be better spent looking for a job, rather than a day or more trying to navigate through this system," said Horn, who spent more than four hours trying to log on to www.floridajobs.org

The Department of Economic Opportunity launched a new "Connect" website Tuesday, an effort to try and make it easier and more secure for Floridians to apply for unemployment.

Time and time again Horn says he got the same "error" message as he tried to log in.

Hundreds of others left their complaints on the DEO Facebook page, adding they can't reach a representative by phone either. The state asked for patience and said it is working hard to resolve issues.

Horn worries this glitch could delay the unemployment check he's relying on next week. The state says that is unlikely. Across Florida, more than 2,000 claims were processed Tuesday.

"If you're asking if I have confidence in the way the state performs from what I've seen, I don't," said Horn.

Anyone who is experiencing problems with the website should call this number: 800 204 2418.


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