FAU restores music records damaged by Superstorm Sandy

Collection to be on display online by 2014

BOCA RATON, Fla. - They may be cracked, water-damaged and covered in mold, but the old records still play music. Quite a feat for LPs nearly destroyed by floodwater.

"There's a lot of water damage from Sandy, they were all submerged in water in a storage unit," said Maxine Schackman, Director of FAU's Recorded Sound Archives.

A Long Island man, who collects children's music, sent his water-logged treasures to FAU's Recorded Sound Archives hoping to salvage what the flood left behind.

The team cleans and even flattens the water warped records to then digitally squeeze out the music to preserve it.

"Even though the needle picks up the knock knock, the computer gets rid of the noise. It's a great feeling to restore what would be gone," said Ben Roth.

From Disney to Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Cottontail, all of songs and stories many children grew up with are featured. Graphic students are restoring the album covers and sleeves as well with Photoshop.

"Everyone has a childhood memory or some emotional connection with these recordings," said Schackman.

That connection will be available for everyone to see and hear online at FAU by 2014. Some 80 years after many of these songs and stories were ever penned on a page.

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