FAU professor James Tracy blogs about regarding marathon bombing, disgusts runners, victims

Sounding off on air and online

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Michael Papa was just 100 yards from the finish line of the Boston Marathon when he saw the bombs go off.
"You can't get those people out of your mind, that suffer," says Papa.

Papa says it will be a long time until he understands everything that happened that day, but he is disgusted by how far a professor at Florida Atlantic University has gone to question the tragedy.

"To listen to someone spewing rhetoric, it's ridiculous, with no basis. What's scary is he will have followers," says Papa.

On his 'Memory Hole' blog, FAU professor James Tracy questions much of what happened the day of the bombings.

"The government was carrying out drills on that day. We don't know what was taking place. Look at how it's been handled, we have a breakdown of due process," says Tracy.

Papa says everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but now he questions whether Tracy should be teaching at all. He feels the professor is seriously wrong.

"I was there. I saw the whole thing, so whatever he's doing for attention, that's what he's doing," says Papa.

Papa says terrorists and conspiracy theorists won't stop him from running in the future. He's now set his sights on the New York City marathon.

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