FAU President Mary Jane Saunders resigns: Students, professors react on Facebook, Twitter

BOCA RATON, Fla. - There has been mixed reaction on the official Facebook page for Florida Atlantic University to news that President Mary Jane Saunders has resigned .

"I am devastated by the news and wish MJ all the best in the months and years ahead. In my opinion, she is one of the truly great higher education leaders in America," said FAU Professor, Morton Levitt. 

Other comments say that all of the recent controversies involving the stadium deal and the "Jesus Stomping" incident indicate bad judgment and a lack of leadership. 

In April, FAU Student Government leaders who were tired of all of the negative attention the school has been receiving started a social media PR campaign. On the Student Government Facebook page, students were asked to use the hashtag, #WEareFAU to share positive comments about the university.

Many students have been using that popular hashtag on Wednesday to weigh in about Saunders' resignation. One person said they believe Saunders truly helped elevate FAU to what it is today. Another person wrote that they believe the school is now headed in a better direction.

What do you think about the resignation of FAU President Mary Jane Saunders? We invite you to weigh in on the WPTV Facebook page.

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