FAU prepares for President Barack Obama's arrival, economic speech

The president will speak Tuesday afternoon

BOCA RATON, Fla. - As President Obama addressed the nation from Washington, D.C., about the newest job numbers, the Boca Raton campus of FAU prepares for one of the president's next big economic speeches to be held at the FAU arena Tuesday afternoon.  "It definitely doesn't happen every day," said FAU senior Oshay Nelson.  "I know it's definitely something that a lot of students are looking forward to."

Students like Nelson are uncertain about entering the job market.  "I'm actually looking into getting another major or doing another minor just to stay in school a little longer because the job market isn't that great," he said.  

On this college campus, soon-to-be job seekers will be listening very closely when the president speaks.  "While he's highlighting the economy, I hope he highlights the importance of higher education and investing in our generation's future," said Ayden Maher, FAU Student Body President.

Among the anticipated topics the president will discuss is the 'Buffett Rule' - a proposal that would tax the wealthiest of Americans at a higher rate.  FAU College Republicans say they will listen to Mr. Obama, though they might not agree with him.  "We need to see lower taxes, not the so called Buffett Rule that they want to do, or raising progressive taxes," said Jeff Arnold, President of FAU's College Republicans group.  "We need a marginal tax rate that fits what America has," he said.

Tuesday's speech is a ticketed event.  A large portion of those tickets will be available to FAU students.  The president is also set to headline several political fundraising events in South Florida on that day.

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