Fake eviction notices at FAU campus called 'anti-Israel,' spark investigation

Pro-Palestine group posts paper to get attention

BOCA RATON, Fla -- It's a piece of paper no one wants to come home to.

"It was two weeks ago I found this eviction notice on my front door," says Rayna Exelbierd, a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University.

Luckily for Exelbierd, it was fake. But the message behind it was real.

"I became angry because it was anti-Israel, it was one-sided information put up by the Students for Justice in Palestine," says Exelbierd.

The paper reads like an eviction notice, then goes on to describe human rights violations in Palestine at the hands of Israelis.

Noor Fawzy heads up the Students for Justice in Palestine, the group that designed the postings. She says the notices were created to educate students and that Jewish students were not specifically targeted.

"We don't discriminate, we're here to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians," said Fawzy. "This was done randomly, we were escorted by a housing official as we distributed the notices."

Complaints by students and their parents got the attention of the Anti-Defamation League, and prompted a school investigation into why the FAU Housing Office gave the notice its stamp of approval.

"Florida Atlantic University has policies in place that if they were followed, this would've been prevented," said Yael Hershfield, with the ADL. "We are asking for the university to look into why their guidelines weren't followed."

In a statement, FAU officials admit posting the fliers did not comply with housing rules, but didn't comment on why they approved the fliers in the first place.

"For them to break those rules and put that on doors, it sent a threatening message," said Exelbierd.

"We got the approval we needed and we thought we were supposed to get, so we carried on with it," said Fawzy.

No disciplinary action is anticipated. All of the fliers have been taken down.

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