Eastern Palm Beach County received 7 inches of rain so far for June

Homeowners letting mother nature do the jobRich

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Rich shades of green canvas Peter and Chris Bryon's backyard. This year mother nature is doing most of the work to keep things growing.

"We've turned on the water once in the last month," said Peter Bryon.

A stark contrast to the brown yards and shallow lakes of 2011, the worst drought on record in Palm Beach County in 30 years.

The county had to supply the city of West Palm Beach with 6 million gallons of water per day, which made up for about one-third of the water the city would use daily.

"The biggest thing was the water restrictions from the South Florida Water Management District. There was only so much to drink and use to make your lawn pretty," said Gary Witt, a hydrogeologist.

Instead, this year Spring rains seems to come all at once, leading to street flooding. So which is better? Bryon and Witt agree too much water is better than not enough.

"The cost is an issue, but you can also easily over water which can cause mold. There's a reason to be sensible about it," said Bryon.

Witt warns the localized flooding can also bring critters closer to your door. Alligators and snakes looking for dry land.

Whether it's a drought or a flood, Witt says it's normal for South Florida. Even if the extremes come in back-to-back years, he adds.

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