Dog reunited with owners after burglaries

SUBURBAN BOCA RATON, Fla. - Burglars struck a suburban Boca Baton home Thursday, for the second time in two weeks. Not only did the crooks take their peace of mind they are suspected of taking Max, their prized puppy.

But when Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies stopped a suspicious looking car, they found Max inside.
It wasn't long before he was reunited with his owners James and Dawn Riger.

"I'm just glad that it was a great outcome. We got Max back. Nobody was hurt, you know. The outcome was good. Max wasn't okay but I bathed him and he seems fine. His is missing his collar but other than that, he's good, " Dawn Riger said.

Deputies arrested an adult and a juvenile who they believe were working together to systematically burglarize homes in suburban Boca Raton.

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