Denver debate helps Lynn University prepare to host event

Lynn team learn tips in trip to Colorado

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The stage is set for the first presidential debate Wednesday at the University of Denver. No one will watch it as closely as Lynn University staff. For the politics and to study logistics.

Dr. Jason Walton and Chief Information Officer Chris Boniforti flew to Denver last week to see how it all came together.

"One of the things we brought back was a sense that we're where we should be, we're on pace, on target," says Dr. Walton.

There were some takeaways. Although Lynn University has laid some 70 miles of cable to establish wireless internet for the debate, in Denver they realized they need more.

"They had a little more coverage and we saw their numbers and talked about strategy and we figured we should match that as well," says Boniforti.

They also want student volunteers to have maps of campus so that media visitors know how to get around.

"Signs, way-finding, things like that were what we wrote down, things that can be implemented quickly," says Dr. Walton.

The team couldn't open up about specifics they may have learned about running the Media Filing Center, or the Wold Performing Arts Center, because security is so tight right now. But that's not affecting the excitement.

"I'm glad that I'm here to be a part of it and witness it. I think it's great all the preparation that's gone into it with the new entrance and everything," says Lynn University student Brad Soones.

"It is surreal and I'm getting nervous but it's exciting at the same time," says Lynn University student Kimberly Beck.

"It's going to be 3,000 people showing up at once like a surge at a football game. It'll be a little chaotic but we have a plan to tackle the mayhem," says Boniforti.

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