Democrats attack Republicans as Romney visits South Florida

"Under the bus" tour

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Democrats hit the road  to South Florida on Monday to try to upstage presidential candidate Mitt Romney before he even made it to Miami. The second stop, Boca Raton.

"Romney's economics would be a complete disaster for our middle class families," says State Senator Maria Sachs.

"They're oriented to people who have money and they don't care much about the others," says Bill Gunther, a Boca Raton resident.

Medicare is the big concern for these seniors, and the Republicans voucher proposal plan. They worry if Romney and vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan take the reigns, it will ruin Medicare as we now it.

"It's absolutely awful, it's just cutting back Medicare in a different name, vouchers are never going to work," says Ralph Gary,  a Boca Raton resident.

Democrats say Romney wants tax breaks for the rich, which will lead us down an all too familiar path.

"These are the same failed policies that got us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression," said  Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

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