Debate at Lynn Univ. drawing near, how local businesses are helping

Equipment, food donations cut debate costs at Lynn

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Time is running out. In 35 days Lynn University will be showcased on an international stage. 

Hosting a Presidential Debate is no easy task, but the school appears to be taking the pressure in stride. 

Community support is helping the school with the duties of hosting.

"We're providing bag lunches in the days leading up to the event, and will be very involved in the week around the debate," says Ken Cordes, General Manager of The Corner Bakery.

But the services a debate host is required to provide are far beyond food, and can get expensive.

"The press is depending on the University to have all the equipment necessary to do their work at the debate. This is a representation of the equipment we're sending Lynn, copiers, scanners fax machines," says Ron Hale, the Regional Director for Dex Imaging.

Without the donation, the equipment would otherwise cost Lynn upwards of $50,000.

"We knew the services we'd have to secure and the dollars we'd have to secure. (Otherwise) we'd have to pay that out of pocket," says Barbara Cambia, with Lynn University.

As campus leaders work logistics, students and staff are finding ways to participate. More than 400 volunteers have been hand-picked to work the event. It's not a bad consolation prize if you can't get a ticket.

"I'm so appreciative and excited, when I think about the debate I get the chills," says Sophomore Keith Andrade.

"I'm a journalism student so this is a one in a lifetime opportunity," says Junior Meaghan Boutwell.

With so much to look forward to, it's no wonder the excitement trumps the pressure.

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