Darian Sparkman arrested after police saw him wheeling a large TV in a chair down a busy street

Homeless man says stolen TV was for food money

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Boca Raton police officers say that a man walking northbound on Federal Highway on the sidewalk pushing a rolling chair with a large flat screen television on it caught there attention.

When officers stopped the man and spoke to him he told officers he was on his way to the pawn shop to sell the television since he was moving.

Police say that they became suspicious of the man identified as Darian Sparkman

A search of his backpack,according to officers, yielded a screwdriver, two digital cameras, an iPod shuffle, socks, and a remote control to a TV.

Police say Sparkman told them that he is homeless and hungry and stole the television from a teen center, but he did not know the address.

Sparkman was able to take police to the Velocity center, 119 NW 11th Street, where police say the items were taken from.

Police arrested Sparkman and charged him with burglary and grand theft.


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