Dangers of distracted driving can lead to 'shattered dreams'

How do parents convince their teenagers that they're not invincible behind the wheel?  It's what State Representative Irv Slosberg tried to do Friday at Wellington Community High School.
"I had twins in a car crash, one of them lived and one of them died - and Dori died - Emily barely survived," he said.
The horror of his personal experience has become a crusade.  With the help of law enforcement and medical experts, he visits high schools to show graphic images, demonstrating the consequences of texting or drinking behind the wheel.  It was presented through the Dori Slosberg Foundation and St. Mary's Medical Center, in a program called "Shattered Dreams."
"My daughter Dori's alive, she stays alive through this, her name is always out there and I'm out there to protect the public at large," he said.
Students admit that districted driving can be an issue that they witness with their friends.
"Some people are hard-headed, they don't listen," explained senior Brad Thompson.
The powerful stories and images make them think.
"I don't like looking at all the gross pictures, but I thought it was good, and right for prom," said Sebastian Dubocq.
Thompson said, "Why risk your life when you can live your life?"
Slosberg said, "I can't bring back Dori, I can't bring back her friends. Mirabell's a quadriplegic. But I can try my best to make sure this doesn't happen to any other family."

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