Colorado shootings shake Boca moviegoers

Jeff Ackerman and his son Tyler, 8, are visiting Boca Raton from Ohio.

Their plans changed with one man's violent outburst in Colorado.

Friday night "dinner and a movie" would just be dinner.

"We were all amped up for it, now we're not going anymore," said Ackerman. "The copycat thing. I don't want anything to happen to my family."

Same goes for Kat Kadian-Baumeyer, who during Friday's dinner hour, was also at Brewzzi, just a mile and a half from the 20 Palace Cinemark in Boca.

"(One guy in Colorado) is all it took to shake your confidence," the Delray Beach resident said.

Cinemark also owns the theater in Aurora, Colorado. The company has not said whether their theater here would have beefed up security.

Cobb Theatres owns a 16-screen movie house in Palm Beach Gardens, and they say they are taking additional precautions.

Former Boca Police Chief Andrew Scott says it shouldn't be temporary fix.

"The private sector now has to take some responsibility because law enforcement can't be at every venue," said Scott.

Scott said Americans aren't used to seeing armed guards at movie theaters or malls, but he argues that they could help calm nerves.

He also said now is a time for perspective.

"It's always good to be prudent, but don't go overboard and then say 'I'm not going shopping, I'm not going to the movies,' " said Scott.

That's the perspective of John Swartz as well.

The Pompano Beach resident went to see "Dark Knight Rises" Friday night, though not with a clear head.

"A little bit had to be persuaded, my buddy said they might beef up security, so it might be safer than we think."

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