Climbing gas prices push drivers to turn in their car keys

Popularity of scooters, electric bikes rising

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The pain at the pump is enough for people like Jenna Anderson to turn in her car keys. Two months ago she switched from driving a car to a scooter, and she's not going back.

"A 4-door sedan is $40 to $60 dollars a tank, the most I think I've paid on this is $3," says Anderson, who doesn't mind only being able to go 40 mph.
The scooter gets about 120 miles to the gallon, and Anderson says that's what counts.
"Since the spike in gas prices the amount of people coming in to buy scooters has tripled," says Colton Ralston, owner of Boca Scooters.
A regular gallon of gas in the Palm Beach County area averages at $3.98, that's 11 cents above the national average.
It's not just scooters people are turning to. Electric bikes are also gaining popularity. You don't even need gas, a charged battery will get you 20-plus miles down the road.
"We have a lot of customers who bike to public transportation, and bike after that," says Dave Carlin, owner of the Boca Bike Shop.
Without a vehicle that guzzles gas, Anderson says she can be more responsible with her money. 
"Not having a car payment that helps me like more comfortable and I have money to save," says Anderson.
And she no longer cringes when she pulls up to the pump. 
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