Chihuahuas rescued from warehouse now adoptable in Boca Raton

Meet Fruity.


He's a tan Chihuahua with short, slightly matted hair.


He's getting a dad today. 


"Fruity kind of looks raggedy from the outside, but after I've held him and touched him, he's just like a sweet dog," said Robert Sallette, Fruity's new father.


Sallette and his wife drove two hours from Okeechobee to the Tri County Humane Society in Boca Raton. He saw what happened to Fruity and 54 others while watching NewsChannel 5 last week. He felt compelled to help out. 


"I love little dogs. When I see the pictures come up on some of them, I said we've got to go look at 'em," said Sallette. 


Last week, Fruity and the others were locked up in a Hialeah warehouse. 


"I think their story is incredible. Here they were at Animal Care and Control that they thought their forever family was coming to get them, just to find themselves starving in a warehouse," said Amanda Chussler, a Tri County Humane Society spokeswoman. 


The first of the pack was adopted, but there are still many more. 


20 became eligible for adoption today. Shelter workers are nursing the others back to health. 


"They're doing much better. They've been seen by the doctor, and they're all getting the medication they need," said Chussler.


The hope is to have all the Chihuahuas adoptable by next week. 


The Tri County Humane Society on Boca Rio Road is open Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

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