Caught on tape: Political signs defaced in Boca Raton

BOCA TATON, Fla. - Billy Leon Williams supports Barack Obama for president.

"The Romney people are taking down my signs," said Williams.

He took revenge. He placed bumper stickers over Romney signs that had been placed on Military Trail near Lynn University.

"If they're going to correct them, they're going to have to go through a lot of work," he said.

Before long, teacher Rob Sweeten stopped to scold him.

"Please don't deface anymore of those," he said. "They have a right to say that."

Sandy Sanges of Boca Raton emailed  to say that her Obama signs were being stolen too.

"We've noticed that most of the time when one of our signs disappears, a Romney sign shows up in its place," said Sanges.

Sanges says everyone needs to step back and respect the work it takes to put a sign up.

"I've heard stories of people driving through people's front yards to run over their signs," said Sanges.

Sweeten removed one of the stickers from the Romney signs.

"All you have to do is follow Facebook to find out people are angry and upset on both sides," said Sweeten.

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