Zachary Denaro: Boca teen's autopsy shows marijuana and lidocaine, but not 25i-nBOME

Boca teen's autopsy is inconclusive

Zachary Denaro's room is almost exactly as he left it.
"I haven't touched a thing," his mother, Donna Denaro said.
But in his closet now, a lock of hair and a handprint taken the day he died.
"I was laying down on my son's chest. I heard his last breath," said Denaro.
On June 13, Donna Denaro dropped her son at the beach near the Boca-Deerfield border.
"It was the summer time, he wants to hang out with a girl, I figured what could the harm be?," said Denaro.
A half hour later, Denaro got word he'd had a seizure, and may have overdosed.
"The ambulance driver just grabbed my hand and said mom, you have a long road ahead," she recalled. "I was trying to tell him Zachy, mommy is here. But he couldn't hear me, " recalled Denaro.
Zachary Denaro died two days later.
An autopsy shows in Denaro's system was marijuana and lidocaine - a medical drug that can sometimes be used to dilute other illegal substances.
25i-nBOME was not found.
There were minor cuts and minor trauma to the head.
The cause of death is listed as undetermined.
"My son did not die of an overdose," said Denaro. "Something transpired that we are not aware of."
The ongoing police investigation makes it harder for family to move on.
She says it's a warning to parents of how quickly things can change.
"I open up my eyes everyday thinking that my son is going to walk through this door," said Denaro.
Investigators say they're trying to determine whether existing screening tests can determine whether 25i-nBOME was in someone's system.

They will not say how far they have gotten with interviewing the people who were with Denaro at the beach.

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