Boca Raton woman's bogus debit card charge uncovers possible shipping scam

Police investigating

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton woman fears that she may be a victim in a scam that most people do not even know about. She says a fraudulent charge on her debit card may be linked to something much bigger.

That woman, who only wanted to identify herself as Maggie, says someone used her debit card information to ship someone else an iPad. The moment Maggie glanced at her online debit card statement, she knew something was not right.

"When I clicked on it, I saw a charge on there and I had no idea what it was," she said.

Maggie says she saw a purchase for more than $500 that she did not make. She immediately called her bank to report the activity. "They gave me the reference number. I punched it into the computer and then it came up."

What came up was her name, her billing address but a very different shipping address. What shocked Maggie most, was that the other address was just a couple of miles away from her home. "I think that this package might be there. So I went to the house and I looked around and I thought that it looked OK. There was a gentleman sitting out front," she said.

At that address, there were multiple 'delivery' signs on the side of the home. "I'm doing my job," said the man, 68, who lives here. He declined to give his name. He was questioned about why packages would be coming to his home. "I signed a contract. It was legally binding. I'm following their protocol."

He said he was recently hired for a job that he found on His duties include accepting delivered packages at his home, re-labeling them and then shipping them off. He said he did not know where the packages were coming from but said most were then to be shipped overseas to Russia.

"I want to make sure that the company or the companies that I've contracted with are legitimate," he said.

Maggie said she had no idea why or how she may have been targeted.

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