Boca Raton woman uses lawnmower to engrave President's initials in her yard

Boca lady cuts President's initials in grass field

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Hundreds of campaign signs line the streets in Boca Raton for the debate.

One Boca woman took showing her support for a candidate to another level.

One you could only see from up high.

Sunday, 64-year-old Teri Patanovic precisely cut President Barack Obama's initials in the grass field behind her house.

Patanovic said it was a spur of the moment move because she normally doesn't cut the area where she cut the president's initials.

"In my mind I was thinking maybe someone might see it," Patanovic said. "Maybe someone flying their corporate plane over top would look down and see it.  It hoped it would just show that not everyone in Boca is a Romney supporter."

Patanovic said she's happy she cut the rest of her lawn first.

The grass she cut the president's initials in was so high it broke her lawnmower.

It's now at the shop getting fixed.

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