Boca Raton to install red light cameras

Deputy mayor lends caution

BOCA RATON, Fla. - With all the precious cargo Katina Nigro carts around - her children - she checks every intersection before she hits the gas.

"I think about my kids in the car, if somebody ran the red light and I got hit," said Nigro.

She sees red light runners once a week, and is delighted to hear that they'll all face fines if they blow reds at six city intersections.

After Tallahassee decided not to ban the cameras during their latest session, Boca gave the green light to install.

"I think people would be more cautious. For sure, especially in Boca," said Nigro.

But one Boca City Council Member who voted against the red light cameras, twice, says that there could be unintended consequences that could make you less safe.

"There's that one moment, called the dilemma moment, when you either accelerate, or you stop," said Boca Deputy Mayor Susan Haynie.

She says she's seen stats that say rear end wrecks increase when fine-conscious drivers see yellow and stop.

"If we're causing more problems then we're curing, we can always vote again to remove them," said Haynie.

She says city hall should look at crash stats from each intersection every six months to make sure they're working as intended.

They won't be up until August, but Nigro says they've already given her a new peace.

"I think they're going to have a great deal of impact," said Nigro.

Although lawsuits have been threatened, City Hall says state courts seem to agree that it is legal to give someone a code violation by camera, even without a police officer around.

The city expects to generate $440,000 per year.

Fines will be $158.

By state law, the city gets $75, the state gets $67.20 and the county receives $15.80.

Here are the intersections that will be watched by red light cameras:

-Glades Rd. & NW 15th Ave.
-Glades Rd. & St. Andrews Blvd.
-Glades Rd. & NW 2nd Ave.
-Federal Hwy. & NE 20th St.
-Congress Ave. & Clint Moore Rd.
-Military Trl. & Spanish River Blvd.

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