Boca Raton Police urges people to conduct Craigslist transactions at police department after thefts

The Boca Raton is putting out a warning about a recent trend of snatch and grabs involving Craigslist.

On Thursday, a man met a person off of Craigslist at the Barnes and Noble on Glades Road he thought was buying his laptop.

The suspect grabbed the laptop and took off on foot.

This is the fourth incident involving a Craigslist theft over the past couple of weeks.

Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander says these type of crimes are happening all over South Florida.

"It is not enough now these days to simply bring someone with you and go to a well lit cafe. You need to do more. So what we're suggesting is if you are going to do a deal come do your deal at our place. Come into the police department," Chief Alexander said.

Alexander says he encourages people to do Craigslist transactions in the lobby of the police department.

Boca Raton resident Barb Kasser thinks that's a good idea.

"If the seller is willing to do it then I know that the seller is on the up and up. If the seller resists, then I know it is not a good sale," Kasser said.

The Boca Raton Police Chief says they are investigating whether all the robberies are connected.

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