Boca Raton Police Office Samuel McCoy on administrative leave for at least the second time

Wife's arrest puts unwanted spotlight on officer

A Boca Raton Police officer whose wife was jailed this week for suspicion of running a prostitution ring has been in trouble with the department before.

Samuel McCoy is on administrative leave now for at least the second time.

In 20-1, the city manager and city attorney signed a proposal that he be terminated.

Documents released under Florida's Sunshine Law tell a tale of two officers.

McCoy exceeded expectations on most of his annual evaluations and received commendations for things like saving a boy who was choking on a seatbelt.
Documents also show McCoy was an officer with a checkered past.

Hired in 2004, he was disciplined a year later for leaving his service gun with a hospital security guard after falling sick while on duty.

In 2011, he was placed on leave and suspended, twice, including one time where he looked at porn while on a city computer. He denied wrongdoing, saying the imaged piqued his interest while he was looking for jujitsu videos.

In June of that year, the deputy city manager signed a document that proposed he be terminated.

The personnel file doesn't say why a week later, he was reinstated to full duty.

When asked during an interview on Wednesday whether Sam McCoy was a "good" officer, Chief Dan Alexander responded this way: "I don't have his file in front of me. I think you want to look at the facts."

He added, "We don't get into the personnel record. That's something that is available to you. It's not something we comment on."

But now, new problems.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says McCoy's wife, Denise, did not implicate him in the alleged prostitution ring police say she ran at apartment complexes around the city.

But police are looking at him internally to figure out how much, if anything, he knew about his wife's suspected crimes of pimping and money laundering.

His latest period of administrative leave started Tuesday.

"It's our obligation to look into these matters. It's very early on. Our residents, our community expects us to look at these issues and do a very thorough internal investigation," said chief Alexander.

There is still at least one other investigation the city may release, but no timetable has been given.

City sources say medical information has to be redacted from those reports.

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