Boca Raton music instructor offers classes via Skype

Tyler Miroe has students in states across the U.S.

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Music is Tyler Miroe's passion.  It is also his livelihood.  The Boca Raton resident teaches music lessons in piano, voice and guitar.  He used to travel to his students homes around Palm Beach County.  Now, he is teaching from his home via Skype.

While other musicians may see fewer clients, fewer gigs and fewer dollars, Miroe turned to technology - to Skype - and found success. He is no longer limited to students who are nearby.  "Greenwich, Connecticut, Phoenix, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Houston, Texas," said Miroe about where his clients reside.  "They're all over," he said.
Students like Vraj Patel, 10, and his parents say it is just easier this way; log on, grab the guitar and learn.  "Mostly, teachers come in person but on the phone it's much better and there's less hassle," said Patel via Skype.

Miroe, 47, says he is close to having a full class schedule.  He uses two webcams, two computers and a room full of instruments that he never has to transport.  No gas money needed.  "It's a full-time job," he said.
The musician has landed steady work in an economy that has hit a sour note.  Miroe is finding new clients anywhere the technology - and the talent - exists.  "It's actually been pretty good. I've withstood the storm," he said.

Miroe says his students range from age three to age 76.  He advertises online, often in places across the country that may be isolated, where getting to a music lesson may not be so easy.  He's had much success so far.

You can visit Miroe's website by clicking here.

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