Boca Raton High School principal increases security after convicted felon gets on campus

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The principal at the biggest school in Palm Beach County is increasing security.

He says the decision came right after a convicted felon was found upstairs on the campus with a knife and a box cutter two weeks ago.

Boca Raton High School has three thousand students and Principal Geoff McKee says as many as 10,000 people can come and go on a busy day at the school.

He says students were never in danger during the incident and that the school is safe.

"They say school is the safest place for students to be and I believe that," McKee said.

McKee says the intruder got on campus before school started. He says he has assigned staff to patrol outdoor areas earlier in the day.

"We shifted the duration and increased the early morning supervision and it is working," McKee said.

McKee says within minutes of the suspect getting on campus, the office got half a dozen calls from students who saw the suspicious man.

Boca High has a special Crime Stoppers program supported by parents. When students call in tips, they are eligible for a 100 dollar reward.

"Fortunately our kids are more aware and so is our staff and parents. When there is something suspicious on campus we get immediate calls," McKee said.

It's helpful to have all those extra eyes.

Despite having the biggest student population of any school in the district, the district has one school resource officer.

"Someone asked today why we don't have a police officer at every entrance. We would love to if we could afford that as a district. But I don't believe that is necessary," McKee said.

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