Boca Raton family deals with damaging lightning strike

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton family, already struggling with a special needs child, is now left without a television and computers and dealing with broken kitchen appliances after lightning hit their home Wednesday.

"It traveled through the entire house. It knocked out the laptop, the computers, the fridge, and all the wiring," Jennie Anderson said.

Anderson says their new dishwasher stopped working after the surge.

It's a difficult situation that is even harder when you have a son like Odin.

"He is autistic, ADHD, Williams Syndrome, ODD, OCD, and they think bipolar," Anderson said.

The mother and son live in the home with four generations of their family.

"We don't have homeowners insurance. It was either that or food and gas and medication," Anderson said.

Anderson says they were still paying off some of the appliances in their kitchen when this happened. She doesn't know how they will afford new appliances, but says she is trying not to panic.

"I have to stay calm...especially with an autistic child. They can feel and sense it. If I'm having a breakdown, he goes off the wall," Anderson said.

Anderson says she is relieved no one was hurt.

A few blocks away, another home was struck by lightning on Wednesday. Fire crews say that home caught fire and there is almost 100,000 dollars in damage.

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