Boca Raton Airport tower closing: Reliable Jet owner says the FAA's decision is bad for business

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The FAA announced Friday that it will stop funding the Boca Airport control tower as part of budget cuts.

The decision has been rumored for weeks, but it still came as a shock to many including the owner of Reliable Jet.

"We employ close to fifty employees and any traffic that doesn't come in here reflects on jobs," Jonathan Burls said.

Burls says one of the issues is the the larger jets might not want to land at an airport with no controllers. Much of Reliable's maintenance business relies on the larger airplanes.

"They may decide not to fly in here which impacts everything from jobs, to fueling, to car rentals, to hotels. It goes all the way through the economy," Burls said.

The FAA says they'll start phasing the controllers out in April. According to officials at the Boca Airport, five controllers will lose their jobs. Burls says this is the perfect example of government not understanding small business.

"The government is not taking into account jobs or safety," Burls said.

Airport officials say they are reviewing their options and may consider hiring contractors to run the tower.

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