Boca Raton Airport Authority holding meeting with hopes of saving jobs

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- The Airport Authority of Boca Raton is holding a meeting Wednesday night. The goal is to save jobs at the city's airport, located right next to Florida Atlantic University.

The news comes after nationwide budget cuts were made due to the sequester .

Some of these cuts require hundreds of small airports to shut down their air traffic control towers, leading to many people losing their jobs.

At the Boca Raton Airport, five air traffic controllers help keep air traffic running smoothly. If the tower is shut down, they would all be out of work .

Air traffic controllers say they help guide corporate jets and small planes in and out of the airport. Without them, airport officials say the airport could lose air traffic.

They say this could lead to a loss in fuel sales and even more job losses.

The meeting is being held at Boca Raton City Hall at 6 p.m.

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