Boca Quay's HOA bans skateboards, scooters, kids outraged over lack of places to play

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Every single home in the Boca Quay gated community got a letter saying that skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, scooters, toys and ball playing are not permitted in roadways, walkways or common grounds.

"They wanted to play when they were kids, didn't they? So why can't we play? I was so upset," said Blanka Dobias, 9.

The rest are upset too, knowing after-school playtime is in jeopardy.

"We like to razor around, we like to find secret hideouts, and decorate them," said Morgan Brown, 8.

An angry parent emailed us Thursday's letter from the Boca Quay HOA that says safety and liability concerns prompted the board to ban most things with wheels in roadways, walkways, or common grounds.

The property is mostly parking lot, but parents say part of being a neighborhood is that everyone living in it is a member.

"Definitely there's a concern about safety," said Alex Kaplinski. "But there's no other areas for our kids to go."

"They watch out for each other. They say car, they get out of the way. There's been no property damage. There's been no injuries," said parent Kevin Flaherty.

We tried to get answers from several members of the HOA. One drove away, saying, "It's not about the kids."

"There is no comment. Don't you understand?" said Roberta Caruso, the HOA president.

Her husband, Fred, explained the side of the HOA and the management company, Trident.

"What do we have to do, wait for a kid to get run over? That's what is going to happen. Cars go through here very fast," said Caruso.

The letter also explains that the speed limit is being lowered to 5 MPH.

Parents say they're starting a petition.

Children say their voices will be heard.

"I think they don't understand how much it means to the kids," said Naya Kiassou.

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