Boca man faces noise violation over holiday show

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Boca Raton man who runs a Halloween and Christmas show every year in his front yard is facing police action.

Several days after his Halloween show wrapped up, Boca Raton police say they are going to serve Rick Newman a noise violation.

Thousands of people stop by his home at the intersection of NW 9th Ave. and NW 7th St. to see the elaborate exhibits.

"It brings a lot of people together and it gets everyone excited," said Sophia Alembik, 12, a next-door neighbor.

But Newman is convinced there are neighbors who are consistently complaining to the police.

"Two of my neighbors complain that my Halloween show that I've been doing for years is now too loud," he said.

Last year, city hall got complaints over the big crowds - but ultimately gave the show a green light.

"The police have been here over fifty times, all for naught, it was all deemed unfounded," said Newman.

But he says for the first time, he's getting a ticket.

A few times in the last week, days after the Halloween show wrapped up, he says his wife has answered the door to find Boca police ready to hand him a noise violation.

"Three different officers came. Knocked on the door, they wanted to serve me with notice of violation, an appearance ticket, " said Newman.

But he's been recuperating from heart surgery, and since he was unable to come to the door, the ticket is still unserved.

He insists the opposition only comes from a small minority of grinchy neighbors.

Show proceeds allow him to cut a check every year to the Make a Wish Foundation.

He says he's confident the law won't shut him down.

"I get thousands of people that come every year. I can't not do this because of two people," said Newman.

Newman says there is no doubt in his mind that he will set up this front yard for his Christmas show which will start on Thanksgiving night.

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