Boca man disappointed over New York City marathon's cancellation, but understands decision

Plans to run Miami marathon in January

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The cancellation of the New York City Marathon because of Hurricane Sandy has disappointed at least one resident of Boca Raton.

Alan Stob -  a teacher at Grandview Prep - has been training for the marathon for months. His students followed his progress.

"I know he's been trying really hard," said 8th grader Cameron Sturdy. "I see him all the time running up and down the beach, long periods of time

We spoke to Stob - a math and physical education teacher - by phone from New York.

"I've been putting in hard training the last five, six months preparing for this race," said Stob.

He qualified by running a half-marathon in under an hour-and-a-half. To get to New York after the storm hit, Stob had to change flights; once he arrived, he found out his hotel room was canceled.

He still made it all the way through a devastated city to race check in when he found out it had been canceled.

"I understand the situation and the circumstances regarding the city, the state and our country, you have to look at the big picture at the end of the day," said Stob.

The experience is a reminder of lessons he's taught his own students.

"Its been a dream for quite some time. At least I can hold on to the fact that I qualified," said Stob.

"I play tennis and need to do all this training, and he's taught me, don't give up," said Jalel Alhamzawi, an 8th grader at Grandview Prep.

Stob says he's going to keep training and run the Miami marathon in January.

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