Boca Jewish community prays for peace

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Hundreds of congregants at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton sang the Israeli national anthem.

It had added meaning tonight.

"I hadn't gotten emotional, until this point. We sang Hatikvah, which is the national anthem, I just completely broke down," said Romina Rochwerger, an Florida Atlantic University student.

Rochwerger doesn't come to services every week.

But with rockets pointed at Jerusalem, with the country she's visited twice under siege, she had to be here tonight.

"My friends are in bomb shelters right now," she said.

Patty Beck's future daughter-in-law is in Tel Aviv, a city that was bombed yesterday.

We watched them Skype tonight.

"Most people are out living their lives, the air is a little tenser," said Sari Ganulin.

Beck is thankful they're coming back for Thanksgiving.

"Ill be much happier when I know their plane lands on Monday," said Beck.

Rabbi Jessica Brockman - once a tour guide in Israel - urged her congregation to do the little things to show support.

Even things like donating a Hanukkah gift for a child who may be hearing bombs for the first time.

"On this night we pray for peace," Brockman said to her congregation.

Rochwerger can even say she wishes she were there more than just in spirit.

"It's where my heart is, it's everything I'm passionate for, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, war or not," said Rochwerger.

She says she's moving there next year.

We made several attempts to find a family in South Florida with family in the Gaza Strip, but were unable to find one who would speak to us on camera.

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