Tristin Calkin: Boca child gets new home as fight with cancer continues

BOCA RATON, Fla. -  Not even the ice cream truck can put a spring in Tristan Calkins' step.

"He's not his usual self. He used to run around," said his mother, Lindsay Patterson.

Since April, Tristin's chemotherapy  treatments have exhausted him, and his family.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking," said Patterson.

"It turns your world upside down," said his father, Christopher Calkins.

"Yeah. You're at the hospital a month at a time," said Patterson.

He has a new place to live now.

Last week, Patterson told doctors that she was having a problem at home, with her home.

"You can smell (mold) as soon as you walk in the door, " said Patterson.

Mold, she told doctors, grew after a pipe burst inside a wall next to Tristin's bedroom.

"It's disgusting to know that we lived here without knowing there was mold," said Patterson.

The Connor Moran Children's Cancer Foundation took up their cause, insisting that the landlord refund their security deposit so they could afford to move.

The landlord said she couldn't give the money back until a walk-through was done.

"There's not just one child, there's three children in this family. This is a horrible thing to be going through under any circumstances," said Connor Moran Foundation volunteer Carmine DellaSala.

On Monday, a representative for the landlord stopped by and looked around.

"They'll get every dollar back?" the representative was asked.

"Absolutely," said the representative, whom the landlord later said was named, "Bobby."

Tristin's family was able to move this weekend after a new landlord  agreed to wait for the entire security deposit.

And now there is word that Tristin is in remission.

"I think it's a fresh start for us," said Patterson. "Tristin is doing good. We are doing good. We are just trying to beat all of the odds."


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