Boca Brett worthy of next round on American Idol?

Wants to get past the round of 24 on American Idol

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A teenager from Boca was seen all across the country Tuesday night, making his bid to get past the round of 24 on American Idol.

He sang "Light my Fire" and the judges seemed impressed, with Jennifer Lopez saying he, "shook his hair more than her and Beyonce combined."

People who know Brett Loewenstern best say he's still a quiet kid until he gets on stage.

"The funniest thing is to see who he is off-stage, and then when he gets on stage, it's just someone who actually has like a super-power almost," said Richy Lala, a stand up comedian and host at Buddha's brewery in Boca.

He's watched Loewenstern perform for two years now. He also coaches the teen who many call "Boca Brett," on performance.

"One of the things I told him was to stand there with confidence, and no matter what happens, answer honestly," said Lala.

A teacher at his high school says Loewenstern's success is a lesson for anyone who has ever been bullied.

"It really shows them, look what happens, you're not nice to people, and all of a sudden, they could be one of the next most famous people, and they're nobody," said teacher Tara Rothberg.

His friends say Loewnstern is worthy of the next round.

"He's fun-loving, he's confident, he is who he is, he has the crazy hair, and he's gonna flip it around," said friend Melissa Lieberman.

And friends say Brett's unassuming start but big finish is quintessential Loewnstern.

"He grew out of it and then just accelerated his performance and kept building on it. And he still I don't think hit what he can hit," said Jim Frederick, a friend of Loewnstern.

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