Ava Mitsuda charged with DUI two times in three days in Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton woman has been arrested twice in three days on charges of driving under the influence.

Officers in Boca Raton said on Aug. 6 they were called to the Publix at 1001 S Federal Hwy. in reference to a woman who appeared to be intoxicated who said she was going to drive home.

Officers said that the woman, identified as Ava Mitsuda, fell in the parking lot and was helped to her car by a shopper.

Police said that when they arrived Mitsuda was sitting in her car with the engine running and her seat belt on.

Mitsuda, who police say was wearing a bathing suit, told them that she was coming from work.

Police said that Mitsuda admitted to drinking but she could not recall how much she had consumed.

She was charged with DUI and arrested in connection with the incident.

Second arrest

Then on Aug. 9, Boca Raton police were called to a two-vehicle crash at 1 E Camino Real.

One of the drivers told investigators that Mitsuda was possibly intoxicated and hit his car numerous times from behind.

Police said that Mitsuda was sitting in her car when they arrived with her seatbelt on, the key in the ignition and the engine off.

Mitsuda, according to police, was trying to use her cellphone, but it was turned around and she was swiping the back of the phone not the screen.

Officers said that Mitsuda told them that she was coming from Outback Steakhouse and had a couple of beers at happy hour.

Police arrested Mitsuda on DUI charges and took her to the Palm Beach County Jail.

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