Anti-Obama signs pop up along I-95, Turnpike

Does the billboard tell the whole story?

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Another anti -President Obama sign has popped up along area highways. This time, the focus is gas prices.

The sign shows the cost of regular gas when the President took office at $1.89 a gallon, versus today, about $3.89 a gallon.

We checked records, and those numbers are accurate. What the sign doesn't tell you is that gas prices had already topped four dollars a gallon eight months earlier, when George W. Bush was still in office.

Whether gas prices will influence the November election remains to be seen. Pumping gas is a constant drain on your pocketbook, a reminder of the struggling economy.

"I've always been frustrated with gas prices," says Rachel Litt, who is leaning toward voting for Mitt Romney.

But how frustrated is she and other voters? Is it enough to influence your voter for who goes to the White House next?

"It's part of life, but an extra $2 a gallon isn't going to sway my vote much," adds Litt.

"Gas has been going up regardless of who is President. I want to know about jobs, and ending wars, putting people back to work so they can put food on the table," says Ray Dominguez, a supporter of President Obama.

Nova Southeastern Economics Professor Bill Stronge says a President rarely affects current gas prices, even if they push to drill on American soil.

"It takes a long time to open areas for drilling. By the time a president acts on it, the impact may not be felt until they are out of office," says Stronge.

Stronge adds that political tensions in the Middle East and increasing demand for gas in China and India drive gas prices. The next President won't really matter.

The Super PAC that paid for the gas prices-related billboard disagrees. So does Leonela Aguilar who lives blocks away from where the billboard is posted.

"Maybe Romney will bring change, I'm not saying he can bring the price of gas to $1, but make a change from where it's at right now," says Aguilar, who is leaning toward voting for Romney.

Other voters say gas prices will be on their minds when they cast their votes, but it won't be a deciding factor.

"What it boils down to is the person. Are they sincere? And is what they want overall in our best interest," says Taylor Donnini, an undecided voter.

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