Another FAU Arts and Letters student is robbed with a weapon inside a music practice room

Masked man steals electronics, cash

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Ernesto Guerrero's voice starts to shake when he thinks about what happened to him inside a small FAU music practice room one year ago.

"When people come to my room now I'm thinking let it be a friend, let it be someone I know," said Ernesto.

A man robbed him at gunpoint in November 2012 on the third floor of the Arts and Letters building. A similar story happened just this passed Saturday as his friend was held at knife-point right down the hall.

In both instances a masked man came inside the practice room, quickly closed the door and shut off the lights. iPads, iPhones and cash were stolen.

"That's horrible because now it's just more people involved in this," said Ernesto.

On Monday the University installed a security door on the third floor only music students can access. Two days after Ernesto's friend became a victim.

Knowing that door cannot protect him on the open campus, Ernesto is on alert.

"It's more about consciously taking more precautions, being more aware," sad Ernesto.

No one has been arrested in either armed robbery.

Campus police are still investigating a third armed robbery Wednesday night. An FAU student was kidnapped on campus, forced to take cash from a bank ATM and then beat up and left in Coconut Creek.

In response to those crimes, Lynn University reminded students to be careful on campus.

A tip sheet was sent out to students Friday morning encouraging them to walk in pairs or groups, stay in well lit areas at night and make campus security aware of any suspicious vehicles or persons.

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