Andre Barbosa, adverse possession mansion squatter update: Neighbors fight to force squatter out

Barbosa has 20 days to answer court order

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Anxiety is high along Golden Harbour Drive in Boca Raton where a squatter is creating a fuss. Lyn Houston lives next door and doesn't feel safe.

"I've heard some people aren't sleeping well, some people aren't eating well, it's got us on edge," says Houston.

So on edge, Houston has tried buying the $2 million house herself, anything to get the free-loader out faster.

"I went to the office and I told them I'm interested in purchasing the home, they never called me back," says Houston.

Concerned for her safety, she hired a police officer to patrol the area at night. Houston argues Bank of America could've prevented all this.

"If they'd taken one piece of paper with their letterhead on it and wrote two sentences saying this is our home, we want them out, within the first 30 days, they'd be out. I'm disappointed, they're bad for this neighborhood," says Houston.

Bank of America is suing the squatter, Andre Barbosa. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office served an ejection notice last week. Barbosa has until February 19th to fight the order, and could be forced out after that.

Things escalated Monday night when police stopped two women leaving the home with their license plate covered.

A police report states Ilma Paula and Zilma Barbosa were ticketed for hiding the plate. They told police they did it because they didn't want news reporters to get their information.

Attempts to contact Paula and Barbosa came up empty.

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