Andre Barbosa, adverse possession mansion squatter update: Bank of America taking possession of home

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A squatter is no longer making himself at  home in a Boca Raton mansion.

Boca Raton police, acting on a concern by Bank of America that someone was trespassing at the residence, went in the home at 580 Golden Harbour Drive after clearance by the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office.

It's just what neighbors have been hoping for.

"People care about each other in this neighborhood, we know what's going on. They picked the wrong neighborhood," says Mike Avirom.

"He was very quiet and I think he was hoping to go unnoticed in there. But in this neighborhood you're going to get noticed," says Becky Davis, who lives across the street.

At 1:30 p.m. Thursday officers gained entrance but did not find anyone inside.

Bank of America had sued the squatter, Andre Barbosa. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office served an ejection notice last week.

Representatives from Bank of America are working with a locksmith to change the locks.

Barbosa had been spotted living in the foreclosed estate in January. The home has vaulted ceilings, five bedrooms, and is perched on the water.

Barbosa had filed an "adverse possession claim" in an attempt to eventually lay claim to the $2.5 million home. If he paid the bills and the taxes, in seven years he could own it if he wasn't challenged.

Police say they are not conducting an active search for anyone.

"And again under the circumstances we're not pursuing anyone in terms of someone of interest. We're not looking for anyone to file charges at this point. And we'll continue to work with the property owner and state attorney's office if necessary to continue our inquiry into this matter," said Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander.

Some neighbors say they've lost sleep over this, because they feared for their safety. Two claimed they went so far as to try and purchase the home to force the squatters out.

Events escalated Monday night when police stopped two women leaving the home with their license plate covered.

A police report states Ilma Paula and Zilma Barbosa were ticketed for hiding the plate. They told police they did it because they didn't want news reporters to get their information.

NewsChannel 5's Evan Axelbank and Marissa Bagg contributed to this report

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