Allianz Golf Championship and Broken Sound Golf Club becoming "environment friendly"

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Allianz Golf Championship starts in just over a week, bringing with it thousands of visitors to the Broken Sound Golf Club in Boca Raton, and tons of waste.  Now, the club and the tournament are teaming up to reduce that waste, and make the course an example for others. 


All appearances to the contrary, golf tournaments, and the courses they are played on, aren't all that green.  "The golf course community around the world gets some flak for the amount of fertilizers and chemicals and things they use on the golf course," said Ryan Dillon, the Allianz Tournament Director.  


Because of that bad rap, Boca Raton's premiere golf tournament is working on lessening their carbon footprint.  "With the food composter, all the excess food that our spectators don't eat, will be placed into this thing and turned into basically fertilizer," said Dillon.  


The composting of food waste is just one of many changes taking place for the tournament.  "The tournament and broken sound have taken that to the next level," said Dillon.


It's a level they plan to reach, through the use of new solar technology, second generation recyclable materials, and trees.  "We are tracking every truck that comes in here, every amount of labor, every car trip going back and forth, all of our spectators that are coming in.  We are taking the calculation of the carbon offset, and the vendor is paying that back.  With that money, we are going to use that locally in Boca Raton, to plant more trees or to add to their natural wild-life areas," said Dillon. 


The Allianz Championship's goal is to reduce its  carbon footprint by at least 30 percent, and they, along with Broken Sound, are committed to keeping both the tournament, and their greens, green.  As the technology improves, they say it's only going to get greener.

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