20 years later: Five teen crash victims on Lox Road remembered

Memorial held Saturday

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Five crosses stand tall representing the lives of five teenagers who died in a canal off Lox Road in west Boca Raton 20 years ago.

In September of 1992, a car full of eight high school students crashed into a canal near Parkland.

Investigators say the driver lost control of the car while speeding to a party.

Since then, the community has continued to grieve. 

Davey Marcoux-Young lost her only son, Brandon Marcoux, in the crash.

"I haven't gotten over it," she said. "I've tried to work it through. There isn't a day that there isn't a tear."

Marcoux-Young added, "Time doesn't heal. It doesn't ever go away. You just know after a certain time they're not at sleep away camp, boarding school or college, they're not coming home."

Though time has passed, the memories haven't especially for long-time friends and classmates of the high school students who died.

Jean Brooks came to the memorial Saturday to pay her respects.

"I can still remember getting that phone call, it's still very fresh.  It's just different now that we're older. You realize how young they really were when they left us," she said.

The youngsters who died in that crash 20 years ago were all teenagers.

Adam Garces, 16, Katy Garcie, 16, Jennie Gentile, 16, Nikki Roller, 16 and Brandon Marcoux, who was 15.

"It shaped who we are as grown ups," Brooks said. "It's really hard to go through five funerals within a week. Nobody is ever the same after that."

 20 years later, the memory of the victims lives on.

Not just in the form of a balloon, which was flown in their honor Saturday, but in the names of their friends' children too.

"One of Brandon's friends had a child a few years ago and named him Brandon so a lot of beautiful things have come out of this tragedy," Marcoux-Young said.

Three survived the crash that day.

Since then there have been other deadly car crashes on Lox Road, and nine more victims.

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