Artists with Autism showcases the works of artists on the spectrum at art shows in South Florida

PARKLAND, Fla - Sitting at his desk, 22-year-old Brandon Drucker is an artist at work.

"Brandon loves color. He likes blending the colors, moving the colors but he likes to have every color there is the rainbow," said his mother Cynthia.

He's one of the artists in Artists with Autism, a group started by Cynthia Drucker. There are about 30 artists in the group and they can often be seen at art expositions throughout South Florida.

"They have their own creative minds and they're not afraid to do what they want to do," she said. "They're not afraid to color outside the lines."

The program is designed to give artists on the autism spectrum a chance to show off their work, build self-confidence and make some money. 

"We're just having fun doing this, and he's having fun learning and having fun meeting people," she said.

Brandon's paintings sell for between $35 and $150.

"He likes animals to paint them, and then he likes to create animals," she said while looking at some of his works.

When Brandon was young he drew pictures to communicate. As he grew older his communications skills improved and so did his art work. That's when his mother told him of an idea she came up with for a Christmas card.

"I'd like you to draw a family and children and a palm tree with Christmas lights," she said she told him. "And he did that."

That led to another card.

"We made Christmas cards from the angels, over there," she said, pointing to one of his paintings.

That led to Artists with Autism , which also serves as a way to raise awareness of autism.

He paints a variety of subjects, and his mother says he can be like other artists when it comes to motivation

"He's not emotionally attached to any of the paintings, money motivates him and he's not attached emotionally."


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