Underground grow house busted in Okeechobee County, narcotics task force says

Two Cuban nationals are accused of operating an underground marijuana grow house and stealing electricity in Okeechobee County.

Detectives arrested Jorge Pellicer and Magdielia Nunez last Thursday.

When the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant detectives said they found a trap door in a shed that led to a vault with two functioning marijuana grow rooms.

They said one room had thirteen marijuana plants and the other had fourteen plants and they were able to produce about a pound of marijuana every 90 days.

The pair was also accused of stealing about $10,000 worth of electricity from Glades Electric Company.

Pellicer and Nunez listed addresses in Hialeah but investigators said they have passports and are Cuban nationals. Investigators are concerned they could try and leave the country to avoid prosecution.

They are charged with the cultivation and possession of marijuana and grand theft.