Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul tweets Okeechobee teen to come to LA to 'get away from it all'

Uses hashtag #JusticeForAaron

Aaron Hill, the autistic Okeechobee teen who was seen being beaten on video, met with the state attorney's office Tuesday afternoon.

The state attorney's office says it has been conducting interviews all day and investigators are still identifying additional people who were at the party where the beating happened.

The state attorney's office says more charges will likely be filed within the next week.

The video of the attack was posted to Facebook, went viral and sparked outrage from around the country.

It also caught the attention of a Hollywood celebrity.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul tweeted Aaron and invited him to Los Angeles to "get away from it all."

His family says they haven't received a formal invitation.

Another rally for the teenager is set for Friday in Okeechobee.