Marine Lance Corporal Bryan Marino meets with local war veterans at Tequesta Terrace

TEQUESTA, Fla. - Ruth Luth vividly remembers the years her husband served overseas during World War 2 and in the Korean war.

"We got engaged, his mother and and my parents picked out the ring, and we had his mother put it on my finger," said Luth.

Her husband died in 1997, but it wasn't until a few years ago that his friends told her he served in the intelligence field.

"There were so many things I didn't understand and then I figured it out and then i was told," said Luth.

Since learning more about their service, she said her respect has grown for war veterans and their spouses.

"Oh yes we should have him everyday, I'll take him everyday," said Luth.

Luth is referring to Marine Lance Corporal Bryan Marino. Marino is on leave from active duty in Japan and is currently stationed in West Palm Beach. The 24-year-old made a special appearance Tuesday at the Tequesta Terrace to meet with 30 war veterans and military spouses.

"Age or not they have some great stories and they're just people like us, so age is nothing but number," said Marino.

Marino says despite the generational change, some things have remained the same in the military.

"It's a brotherhood and friendship that will always remain from present, past, and future," said Marino.

And Luth says she hopes Marino visits more often, because she loves keeping up with what's going on overseas.

"I love all military personnel, they have done so much for our country... I admire his medal's and I saluted him, said Luth.

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